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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Beatles: Yellow Submarine - 'Finally, an accurate portrayal of the real-life Beatles story.'

Easy to follow story despite incomprehensible england-ish accents

Vibrant colors may induce flashbacks...if you were one of the cool kids who did acid

Full Review
When Walter Disney first approached The Beatles in the early 60's and proposed the idea of creating a biographical film of their lives in animated form their initial reaction was one of an astonished 'Cor Blimey!' or as Ringo stated 'That puts me melon in a right kerfuffle.' But luckily for us they agreed. For now we have the beautiful and true-to-life retelling of the fab five's story that is 'Yellow Submarine'.

In this film the animated likenesses of John, Paul, Ringo and the other one bound through the screen in all their animated glory playing through how they first found themselves far from their home planet of Pepperland and stuck on this distant little blue world we call The World. Apparently they are quite the adventurers. They ride about on a floating submarine painted yellow (hence the name of the film....also the name of their national anthem played during the opening credits).

The story begins with a horrific war between the Beatle people and the Blue Meanies which are some sort of mutant totalitarian government. The Beatles are summoned from their secret lair to fight these monsters. However these noble warriors do not fight with swords or hand-grenades but rather with the power of songs and words and love. But it doesn't work. For they are cast out into the emptiness of space. Banished forever and forced to float endlessly through the universe facing many hardships along the way such as growing old incredibly fast and being forced to write a song about it.

Later they find a strange dwarf-like creature who they call a nowhere man and has the super ability to do the combined nothing of ten men. He was kind of an annoying character so I pretty much tuned him out.

Later the Beatles finally find themselves on the planet 'London' (as they believe it to be called, rather then the country London as it actually is). They grow to love their new home and decide to stay. And thank heavens for us they did. For who knows where we would be without these strange minstrels who just happened upon our globe from out of the middle of the cosmos. One shudders to even imagine it. Hell, they may have ended up in Italy. You think those poppy rock harmonics work with a mediterranean accent? You better think again Guido!

The Bottom Line

All Beatles fans should see this film if only for the scene in which they sing of cleaning the palace along with dancing inanimate objects


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