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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Legend of Drunken Master - 'So mush drinkning and kicking...just like my reel life'


like having yuor own personel drinking buddy in kung foo form

Usally pass out in teh middel of my third veiwing

Full Review
This movi e was a blast and a half. I loved to watch it and i watch it againa and again. It is calle drunken master the legend of Jacky Chan. In itt he has super powers from drinking. I did't know you can have super power from drinkin g. But i now i realise tahnks to mr awesaome Jakcy Chan. So Im drinking alot more know. even More than before. im learning that my drinking problem is actyiually a drinking talent,. When i wathc this movie, i has to be drunk. just like jacky. And i watch this move alot. in fact i just watched it aghain nopw so i figure i'll write a reveiw of it to let teh world now how much i love it. I think tehy can too. Espesialy if they are looking for an excus to drink. Or if they need someone to d rink with. Ill come over and drink wirh you if yuo want. i have the movie on vhs so you got to have a vhs machoine. No Beta !!!
so to sum up in a conclusion I recomend everytone to this movie because it is so fantstic. so much kicking and flying. i alwyas kick poeple higher an d punch them hardr when i am drunk too. Its soo good. i think i'll watch uit again right now,..... .. ... But first i thin i should lie down.

The Bottom Line
I fyou like to get druink and yuo like punching and kiscking random strangers then this iss teh movie for you


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